Is it the same thing as network marketing? No.

When you participate in a network marketing program, you’re basically taking part in a franchise type of operation. As a network marketer, you would typically pay an upfront cost to market products/services via direct sales.

Affiliate marketing differs from network marketing specifically in this way: We reward you for every customer you bring in as a result of your marketing efforts. You get paid every time your referrals make a purchase.  There is no cost to be part of our Affiliate Program.

Signing up for the Affiliate Program is free and comes automatically when you sign up an account with Vbit.  Even if you sign up a free account, you can participate in our Affiliate Program.  You will get your own referral link.  You will also get our exclusive Bitcoin wallet, Qabu.

Yes.  It’s included with your purchase.  You can also sign up a free account without any purchases.  However, free accounts will be deleted if you do not make a referral/sale or purchase within 14 days of signing up an account.

You will earn in US Dollars.  You will be paid in Bitcoin based on the value of the US Dollars.  For example, when you request a $100 payout, we will pay you $100 in Bitcoin.  Our lucrative Commission Plan is on our Vbitopportunity.com website.

Commission is paid once a week on Tuesdays.  Payout requests must be made before Tuesday to get paid on Tuesday.  If it is made on Tuesday, it will get paid out the next Tuesday.

Yes.  At Vbit Technologies, we encourage and highly reward team work.  The more your team sales, the more you get paid.  You can build a residual income from our Affiliate Program.

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